Things you have been slow to realise


I’m wondering if this is a relatively recent addition to Android? Cos i stumbled across it a couple of months back but it feels like the kind of thing that wouldn’t have managed to sit hidden in obscurity for so long if it had been there since forever.


This is definitely possible. I’m on xiaMI and it has been updated in the last two weeks so it might not be universal.


Either way, it’s a real good 'un innit? I find I’m using it loads.


And filmed in Italy.


Except for the ones filmed in Spain.


And shot in Italy / Spain with mostly Italian actors (speaking Italian and dubbed into English later for the English language versions)

Edit: sorry pedantary 9 hours too slow


We get it onnn most every night


We get it almost every night


dat moon is bigg and bright


The theme song to the Osbournes is an easy listening version of Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.


That millenials arent people born since and/or around 2000 but is actually just a new name for generation y.


Say what?!


Millennials = generation whose oldest members came of age around the millennium. (Or yeah, Gen Y).

Although Strauss and Howe say born 1982-2004, and they invented the damn term, so who knows?

(FN: Strauss and Howe are fucking crazy)


I never realised that the “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side” joke was also about the chicken dying and the “other side” being the afterlife



I’m pretty sure it originally wasn’t


Well, you would know.


You calling me a fucking chicken?

(the joke is older than the invention of the car so RTA were probably pretty low then)


Hm. I think this interpretation is a bit of post-intellectualisation, tbh, tbf.


Chickens cross the road regularly round here, and no witnessed case had ever been apparent suicide bid tbh so I don’t get it.

Anyway, taking “THE PROP” for my joke to London tomorrow for DiS Bike Wankers Meat so I expect some solid gold liking tomorrow


Watching Blackadder I always thought it was the Bishop of Barthenwells. Only realised in the summer (and was reminded last night).


:smiley: barthenwells sounds legit like a British village to be fair