Things you have been slow to realise


Twenty years I’ve owned Abbey Road; listened a few hundred times; the breakdown from Polythene Pam into Bathroom Window may be my favourite few seconds of Beatles…I only just learned today that John Lennon is saying “Listen to that, Mal” and not whatever gibberish I mumble when singing along.


I need to listen to this again myself now


Wouldn’t be an issue if they got someone who can pronounce Bath correctly.


Had no idea Tom Ravenscroft was John Peels son.


A “six-pack” of toned abdominal muscles is named so due to its similarity in appearance to a six-pack of canned beer when viewed from above


That skunk (cannabis) is so called because the smell is akin to a skunk’s spray. Discovered that today as I drove over about six dead ones.




Orléans in France is the old Orleans to New Orleans in the US


Aniseed = anise seed


Amsterdam in The Netherlands is the Old Amsterdam to New Amsterdam in the US. Or is it York in the UK that’s Old York? Or something




Why they changed it I can’t say
People just liked it better that way



That’s nobody’s business but the Turks


'ave it:


Well actually New York was named after the Duke of York not the city of York…


in the top 5 ‘terrible slavery pricks’ of history, no less!


That is as maybes, but what about


Oh yeah - I didn’t realise until relatively recently that Marigold (re: washing up gloves) is a brand name and not just quaint cultural slang.


i only found this out recently too


Those pineapple slices that come in tins must be some tiny ass pineapples