Things you have been slow to realise




only just realised that the earth is flat

makes you think


I live at the top of a hill. Sometimes I wish the earth was flat.

Why has everyone started saying "Hill to die on"?

Me: Is that your brother?
Lady at work: Yes that’s my twin brother
Me: Oh! I’m guessing you’re not identical twins?
her: errr no you can only be identical if you’re the same sex

I’ve been walking around for 29 years thinking identical twins means only identical in the face!


This is more common than you think. I’m a twin and when I say I’ve got a twin sister and it’s responded to with “are you identical??” is much higher than you’d expect.

I’ll tell you another thing that’s more common than you’d think - people who go into McDonalds and attempt to order a Whopper. When I worked there it happened several times a week without fail.


iirc identical twins happen when one fertilised egg splits and becomes two foetuses, so have to be the same gender, and fraternal twins happen when two separate eggs are fertilised :slight_smile:


Oh phew! I just never thought it through properly! I mean I just don’t really think about other people’s bodies I guess to think if all their bits are identical too.


The other office twin who is identical explained this to me!


ah, sorry!


my year in primary school (about 70 kids) had 3x sets of identical twins in it - and the road I lived on had a set of identical triplets a year older than me

As a result I went through life for a fair while thinking identical twins were far more common than they are


Would they not just cut it to fit the tin and probably use the offcuts for chunks etc?


:laughing: I made it worse by embarrassing myself in front of two twins!


I did not know this. I’m 32 and a half.


And quite thick maybe


in my year at school 2 identical male twins went out with 2 non-identical female twins for a bit when we were about 13. weird really.


I’ve only known 2 sets of identical twins, and all four of them were terrible people… or maybe only 2 of them.


I thought this as well until now


if you read the Wikipedia page there’s a quote from Neil Young saying its issues were bang on and he accepted the shot, though…


My partner is a twin and she gets it all the time. I stand by that it’s not that stupid a thing to think! I also just never really thought about it that much and assumed mixed-gender twins could be identical.

Thinking about it, I know a weird amount of twins. Housemate, gf, and three other good friends are all twins.