Things you have been slow to realise


Oh phew. I thought it was such a stupid thing to say but just never been around twins as much to think it through.

Does she find it annoying being a twin or does she like it?


pretty sure it’s quintuplets if there’s five of them, m9



I remember Super Mario Bros 3 as being much more colourful than the Switch version because we didn’t have it on the NES so I mostly played it on Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES.



I only ever played it on Super Mario All stars. Is there a mad difference?



Ooo… interesting.

I fucking love Mario.


Broke it to a friend last night that Judy Garland was Liza Minnelli’s mum.


Same really hoping Mario Maker comes to Switch soon.
Loved making Mario 3 levels on WiiU.


wait, what??

are you going out with someone else now, or does the person I thought you were going out with have a twin?


big fan of you learning about this in this thread


What if it turns out that @incandenza is a twin, but he didn’t know?



the twist this entire thread was set up a year and 10 months ago to eventually help him discover for himself. Like an M Knight Shalmalandermanaman film


My partner is a twin too, and both her parents are also twins (not with each other). Mad.


Ha, yeah she is a twin! Little known fact. Mainly because…

They really don’t get on. Nothing in common and he’s a bit racist and small-minded and wasn’t very nice to her when she was younger.


Twins have a higher chance of having twins, I think? I’d quite like to have them too.


I didn’t realise that the thing of repeating a word with “shm-” at the beginning (e.g, thing, shming) was originally a Jewish/Yiddish thing, I thought it was just small children being annoying.


Having identical twins is not hereditary, but fraternal ones is (on the mother’s side)


I’m fully expecting us to have twins if she ever gets pregnant. Will be bitterly disappointed if it’s one of those useless solo babies.




Interesting! It’s probably a bit of a misconception that twins are automatically close even as they get older.
I think if I had someone who looked the same as me, by the time I was a teenager, I’d wanna look different to them.
Who knows basically. Only twins. That’s who knows.