Things you have been slow to realise


woah! so non-identical, then.

I guess an identical twin probably wouldn’t be a bit of a dick. you don’t really hear of them falling out.

still never bumped into the twins of the two of our mutual friends who have twins. I sometimes imagine what my reaction/their reaction would be. pretty sure it’d be like:

me: [looks at twin entreatingly]
twin: [blank stare]
me: [frowns a bit, looks confused]
twin: [twigs that this is a friend of their twin]
me: [twigs that this is the twin of my friend]

(no words, just like “ahh”, plus a bit of pointing)


what if @deadonthestairs is referring to my twin and I didn’t even realise oh shit


Yeah dunno. I’m not especially close with my sister. If we weren’t family I’m not even sure I would actually like her.


You’re a schmuck.


My (twin) sisters are as different as chalk and cheese, and one has gone to the extent of cutting herself off from the whole family!




My ex was a twin, so was her dad and his dad.

I know some identical twins, one of which I don’t fancy at all and the other I fancy like mad. Weird innit.


Are you for real?


All this twin talk needs a thread of its own. I want to know what people have been slow to realise not about twins.


Yes :joy:


My brothers are identical twins and are incredibly close. They are wonderful people, even if they are the two wildest lads I’ve ever met.


reckon it would be great to have an identical twin, there’s no way you would end up thinking you were ugly if you saw your face on someone else.



fucking hell i went way overboard with the parentheses there. what a mess. sorry everyone.


Sirius XM, the big American radio thing, is called that because they thought “XM” sounded like the New Cool Thing after AM and FM.


Haven’t seen Spinal Tap for years and rewatched at the weekend. David St. Hubbins is so familiar… do I know him? FUCK ME that’s Chuck!


and they are absolutely right.


This always seems to be a pub quiz question.


Nigel Tufnel (Christiopher Guest) is married to Jamie Lee Curtis and was a Hereditary Peer in the house of lords until they stopped having them


Among other things, he also has a great recurring role in X-Files too (as Morris Fletcher, the guy who claims to be the inspiration behind Tommy Lee Jones character in Men In Black), which is where he met Vince Gilligan.