Things you have been slow to realise




Mr Bateman, Bemrose School RE Class, c1980


Only very recently realised that these toilet roll holders have a sliding mechanism underneath so you can switch to the other roll if one runs out (or if you just like variety). I honestly thought a cleaner had to open it with a key and switch them every morning/ whenever they nearly ran out. 31 I am.

Look at my (inanimate) mate (Rolling)

I also thought ‘cow tipping’ was something caring a farmer did at night when the cows had fallen asleep standing up, rather than a cruel schoolboy prank, until I was about 21


So will I blow your mind by telling you cow tipping isn’t real?


Haha well I’m relieved if anything!

P.S. Good username/post combo




fucking hate these things. have never figured out how to get paper out of them without it getting shredded up to fuck


Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein (2000ad) was a play on Rogers and Hammerstein.
Bit thick, me.


have attempted cow tipping before. ended up just running away when the cows started mooing at us


Cows are evil bastards! We once got chased of a small island we rowed out too in the west of Ireland.
The cows who lived there were having none of us. :open_mouth:


Took me ages to realise this guy

is the same as this guy


Joanna Newsom is married to Andy Samberg


woah what the hell




What the acronym of ‘Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent’ is.


C U Next Tuesday


Not you, Tilly. Obvs. You’re lovely. :+1:


oh my god



I only got that a few years ago myself. In my defence, as a ten year old boy Rogers and Hammerstein never really entered my orbit.