Things you have been slow to realise


First the towel thing and now this. What a load of bollocks.


This is a great fact. Thanks!


That almond croissants have almond paste in and not just almonds sprinkled on the top :exploding_head:


John Walker, the ‘Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine’ hitmaker from the Walker Brothers, is actually called John Maus, and he’s the father of John Maus, the ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves’ hitmaker.


If you accidentally vote in a Quantum Leap poll on here you can undo your vote by pressing the button again. I knew you could change your vote, but didn’t realise the same functionality would let you remove it entirely.

I haven’t tested this on non-Quantum Leap polls though.


Bob Einstein (Marty Funkhouser)'s brother is Albert Brooks, who changed his name as his real name is Albert Einstein


I did not know this either. This is also an excellent fact.


realised the other day that the phrase ‘waste not want not’ doesn’t mean ‘don’t waste something if you don’t want it’, which never quite made sense to me, but ‘if you don’t waste anything you’ll want for nothing’


And his brother, Dead.


TBH I just assumed it was marzipan. But lots of them seem different so maybe where you bought them from mainly didn’t put the paste in?


Recall this being all over the music press when he arrived but as he dunk without trace leaving just that one song I guess it got lost to time.

Similarly there’s the claim that Finley Quaye is Tricky’s uncle but not 100% sure if that has ever been fully verified


I didnt realise the US clocks go back a week later than ours so was an hour early for a call with someone in DC (it had been postponed from last week, and I was working on the assumption that it would be fine not to change the time cause it would be the same difference)

thank god they didn’t answer and I didnt leave a message



Fucking hell Crvena Zvezda is Red Star Belgrade. Was wondering who the hell this team was and why I’d never heard of them before.


I saw this on the BBC website when they played Liverpool the other week and was v. confused!


I had an uncle who once played…for Crvena zvezda


I also asked who that was and thought they were a Bulgarian side


Doing that annoying thing of finding out how old people were when they made really good art and stuff.

Kate Bush when she released Hounds of Love - my age
Joanna Newsom releasing Ys - 3 years younger

tbc, unfortunately.


no point comparing ourselves to two of the greatest artists of the past 50 years then silly

I reckon I’ll be about 48 before I release my first album


McCartney was 7 years younger than me when the beatles split up :flushed:


Had similar the week after UK clocks changed where I sat waiting for my meeting to start for 5 minutes before I saw it was 8.30 am on my work laptop (which I leave on UK timezone).