Things you have been slow to realise


It’s always puzzled me that in the UK there’s a German team that’s referred to as Bayern Munich.

Bayern is the German for what we call Bavaria.

Munich is the English version of München.

Why not use either both the English versions of the names or both German versions?


Westlich Bromwich Albion


this thread has just turned into ‘here is a fact’


I have made this observation animatedly in the pub several times.


How absolutely lovely for your drinking companions, I’m sure.


well there’s summat i just found out :exploding_head:


I’ve been pronouncing it correctly, but have always presumed it was spelt only one way (e.g. I’d write something like, this is a nice segway into our next topic) :man_facepalming:


talking of this.

The Cure have only had ONE top 5 single in the UK. It was Lullaby, which is of course their best song.

Seems mad though doesn’t it, just one.


Friday I’m In Love would have been a top 5 hit (it peaked at number 6) had they not released it on a Friday like the old romantics they are - back then UK singles chart sales were measured from Monday to Sunday so it only gave them 3 out of 7 possible days of sales…


Hard to believe it with a face like mine!!1


What happened to ‘Lovecats’???


No 7


I’m pretty geeky about music and did not know this.


Boris Johnson has a brother called Jo, who has just resigned from government. Unbelievable.


Until just now I never realised that if you take off the plastic bottom of a stapler you can store spare staples in there.


At that Labour Live event earlier in the year their sister Rachel was behind me in the queue for burritos. She was waving an EU flag. In the newspaper article she wrote about the event she complained about having to queue for nearly an hour to get something to eat. It was 25 minutes.


Always assumed that a dishwasher operated similarly to a washing machine - that it pretty much filled with water and the spinny round bits in there sloshed it about and got it all foamy.

Saw a video a few months back of the inside of a dishwasher and imagine my disappointment to discover that the ‘spinny round bits’ just spray water about.


Menace Beach is a pun of Venice Beach

Why don’t I question anything?


You know tubes of stuff (toothpaste, tomato purée etc etc) with the tiny foil seal? I would spend literally minutes trying to peel it off and end up jabbing with a fork. Transpired that the cap often has a recessed pointy bit for breaking the seal. Blew my fucking mind. Incredible engineering.


What FKA means, and that it means anything at all.

(Thanks @allnerve for making this clear in the title under your new name)