Things you have been slow to realise


god, looking back that whole album was NOT alright


not just the kids, eh!


I only just realised Jordan’s avatar is the dis logo.




every time i see the logo at the top of the page or when someone links to a thread I think of him


I actually think of DiS as having stolen it from Jordan, so whenever I see something official it’s like he’s posting it.


Socrates (Brazilian football legend) died seven years ago :cry::cry::cry::sob::sob:


The original Suspicious Minds wasn’t by Elvis


WARNING: Mindpiss


I am irked that they put Leonard’s Hallelujah on that list. Also Behind Blue Eyes - what’s the more famous version? Oh, wait - did like One Direction do a song that sounded like it or something? Some interesting examples there though, good link.


limp bizkit went platinum with behind blue eyes!

americans, man.


The age comparing thing is one of the worst things you can do. Drove me absolutely barmy


Dear God.


Gloria Jones who sang the original Tainted Love was Marc Bolan’s gf and was driving the Mini which crashed and killed him


And Tainted Loved was written by Ed Cobb who also wrote Dirty Water which was performed by The Standells, whose singer is a friend of mine and therefore I have six degrees of separation with Marc Bolan. Do I win a prize?


Tomatillos aren’t actually a kind of tomato, they just look like them.

TBF, I’ve never eaten one (I don’t think)


I make that only 5 degrees. You are a legend


Last night when looking for a plaster in the medicine cabinet, a box fell out and as I read the name I realised something… Bob Geldofs charity supergroup is a pun, and a pretty good one at that!


‘Narcos’ is short for ‘narcotics’, not a name.


Most people pronounce it ‘bellend’ for some reason…