Things you have been slow to realise


Similarly, I have only just realised @almal100’s avatar is Ghüs from Saga. I always thought it was a cartoon duck.


The breakdown of the word isn’t heli-copter. It is helico-pter. The “pter” being the same bit as the start of Pterodactyl, meaning wing.


I’m not sure it it’s intentional or not but I discovered over the weekend that the bog standard IKEA chopping board slots into the fridge like a shelf.

Might send this into Chat magazine’s top tips.


This is good :open_mouth::+1:


These ones FYI FAOätt-chopping-board-beech-art-50233422/


Dunno why a French magazine about cats would be interested in that.


Possibly the best thing I’ve ever learnt on here, and I learnt about the Fed Ex arrows on here I think!


Paul McCartney’s first name is James. How did I not know this before this year?



‘Alphabet’. ‘Alpha’. ‘Beta’.


Julie Andrews is still alive


So is Eddie Vedder!


That the migrant caravan moving it’s way towards the US border didn’t actually involve any caravans


Woah! Just found out (24 years later) that this has an ‘h’ in 'rhumble :open_mouth:


Something to do with Let’s get ready to rumble being trademarked by a wrestling commentator or something.


things you have been slow to rhealise


Do you rhealize that everyone yhou know
Somedhay will dhie?


Yea, Bruce Buffer maybe? Or his brother - i can’t be bothered looking it up.


his brother, Michael


Just learned this morning that Old Blue Last is a real venue. Thought it was a DIS in-joke.