Things you have been slow to realise


I thought this one of those QI Klaxon thingies, TBH.


Because I don’t follow it really, for a VERY long time I thought Andrew and Freddie Flintoff were brothers playing cricket for England.



This thread continues to deliver.


I’ve been singing this to the tune of Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble for the last week or so now

Get ready! Get steady! And rhealise!
Everybody rhealise


I knew the name was from Mario but until you wrote it then I had always through it was bomb-omb.
Been saying it wrong for 20 years.


what for they come in a wrapper


you don’t eat the peel??



kiwi yes
apple yes
orange no
banana no
potato yes




no thank you


You WILL have some figgy pudding


I don’t know, I didn’t write the instructions, it was something I hadn’t you realised that you were supposed to do.


I guess you could say something on the peel could contaminate your hands, dunno though.


you’d still have to touch it to wash it though


an alternative explanation might be that whoever wrote the instruction didn’t know what an orange was


You eat the skin of a kiwi fruit?






Like a melon, if you were chopping an orange into segments instead of peeling by hand, you’d push dirt into the fruit that was caught on the rough outside. It’s going to be fine if eaten immediately but if you chopped them up a few hours before serving like for football or a fruit buffet, it could lead to food poisoning.


love a fruit buffet


Or maybe he did so well at Southampton, he was head-hunted by United?