Things you have been slow to realise


you never tried it? :kiwi_fruit:

all the goodness is in the skin


Hairy man. I don’t like eating hairs

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Sometimes DiS is the best place on the internet and then people say stuff like “I eat hairy kiwi skins” and it makes me want to go off grid


japes isn’t people.

We’re all with you, kerms.


Just get some ketchup* on it and you’ll be reet :+1:

*you ketchup/fruit combo loving wrongun…


Right now with this thread feels like having a conversation with someone you’ve been mates with for years, and they’re a good friend, but then they suddenly drop racist slang into the conversation out of nowhere. Like it’s just standard.




That’s different!!1!1!1!!



  • eat the skin obviously
  • what?! no!

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Read from here onward for some full on deviant behaviour (including video footage of ma0sm)…


Tell it to the judge*

*court of public opinion…


Just to be clear. This would never happen because nobody has ever done this in the history of the world.


U wot m9 and @japes



What the fuck is all this ‘pushing dirt into the fruit’ bollocks about??


It’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache


I thought Nick Knowles was Nasty Nick from Big Brother until a few days ago.


That basil (the herb) and Basil (the name) are exactly the same word.
Just never occurred to me before


It’s diazepaM not diazepaN


^ Never played Metal Gear Solid


Can’t believe you all sit there surgically spooning the kiwi fruit out of the skin, holding it up to your eyeline to make sure you’ve captured all the insides. JUST GIVE UP AND EAT THE SKIN, PSYCHOS