Things you have been slow to realise


I just only recently discovered that when typing on an iPhone - if you need to go back and amend something you’ve typed already - rather than try and move the cursor to the correct spot by pressing a sausage finger on the screen and hoping it will land where necessary, if you hold the space bar down it then enables the cursor to be dragged to exactly the correct spot ready for editing. Mind blown :exploding_head:


thank you.






the black and white film that Kevin watches in Home Alone isn’t a real film


I absolutely have just assumed it was real for the last 25ish years :grinning::+1:


Similarly, the keyboard combo you can press which changes the case of whatever you’ve typed/selected on Windows. I found out about this and thought it was a gamechanger but I forgot what the buttons to do it were before I ever used it and still just delete, retype and moan about it if I type a load of stuff with caps lock on by mistake.


You tease!

Looked this up and it seems that Shift+F3 cycles through case formatting in Office, but isn’t a Windows-wide shortcut. :frowning:


I’m a big fan of Shift+F3 in Word. It’s particularly useful in legal contracts.


My sister used to think Gary Glitter and Gary Numan were the same person.


Does it add punctuation?



I could understand if it was Gary Numan and Gary Oldman


Apparently Lapland is a real place which is news to me


The town of Rovaniemi, which is the administrative centre of Lapland, has it’s own football team.


:smiley: aw that’s lovely


I’m not an American lawyer, thank heavens. My drafting is a pleasure to read and is expertly punctuated.


That @Juke is Jook. Oh dear…


I changed to Juke rather than something else entirely PURELY so that no one would think we were different people :joy:


That ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ came out 18 years ago.

Cheers, @sadpunk.


spoof on Angels with Dirty Faces innit