Things you have been slow to realise


2 of my pals who were a couple booked to go there out of season for cheap. They broke up before the holiday but decided to go anyway together. They said there was absolutely nothing to do and they drank all the beer the pub had left on the first night. Friend said he read the same book 3 times.


my pal said that when she walked to my flat the other day, because her hands were full of bags she couldn’t check her phone for directions, so instead she got google to read the directions out to her on her headphones while she was walking

now obviously i know this is very widely used while driving but it literally never occured to me that you could also do it while walking somewhere, my mind was blown


Turn the volume down then!!

Doesn’t work


I use this a fair bit, I have to concentrate at roundabouts though, because it still uses driving style directions, so it’ll say “take the third exit” instead of “turn right”, cos it doesn’t realise you can walk round them the wrong way


Just change it to walking directions rather than driving directions.


It’s all coming back to this

Ha, I remember when “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” came out and someone was saying Gary Oldman was amazing as Dracula. I responded with, “The guy from 2point4 Children?!” I believe my mate responded with “That’s gary Olsen you pillock!” Fair.


TBH I’m surprised you’ve never had to use Google directions while also listening to music or a podcast on your phone? It’s bloody annoying to have Ira Glass drowned out by “Turn left into xxxx street” or whatever.

It can be quite useful but I find it often goes a little out of sync when I hit little mobile signal death pockets so you keep getting told “signal lost” or something.


That you can do this


linda from bob’s burgers is voiced by a man. like i knew tina was, but this has blown everything wide open.



It’s not my job to sort it, mate. I’m just a ‘customer’, after all.


“Put the tin lid on it” doesn’t mean “put a seal on it” in a positive way - and anyway I actually thought it was a none more Lancashire phrase, “put t’bin lid on it”

Don’t want to turn DiS into the Fry-Up police but baked beans should be nowhere near untoasted bread, and those eggs look underdone and rubbery. But because I’m loyal to my roots, and disgusting, delighted to see black pudding


That there isn’t a tiny rabbit’s and guinea pig’s face on this dog


Pancakes = cake type thingys…made in a pan!

35 I am.


You’re gona have to explain to me what is in that pic, and how it relates to the tin lid stuff.


Tin lid sounds like bin lid, the nickname (up north) for what’s in the pic - a huge sandwich with all the contents of a Full English, so called because the bread is round and huge, about the same size as an old-school non-council dustbin lid.


Jesus. I can’t believe something so awful looking is actually a thing with a name.




Just found out that one can’t simply walk to the north pole. There is no land here, just floating sea ice. Please send help.


It is floating sea ice but it is navigable without needing to travel over water.