Things you have been slow to realise


Some Polish mates (yeah, I know) told me it got so cold in some 70s winters people walked across the sea from Gdansk to Sweden.




Gdansk-ing on Ice!


Or, in German, Danzig on Ice


Come Gdansk-Swede me…


I’ll be honest, I still don’t really get what you mean. Is the picture of the horrendous food item completely separate to what this “Put the tin lid on it” phrase is referring to? I think that’s what I understand.


The horrendous food item is a “bin lid” sandwich and I’m expressing my past mishearings that “put the tin lid on it” was “put the bin lid on it”, as well as saying whether it was put the bin/tin lid on it, I totally misunderstood the phrase’s meaning.


Ah right, I understand you now.


I’ve liked this even though I discovered this independently of Scout about two years ago and it’s amazing


You’re not the only one:


I guess he’s never heard of Angels with Dirty Faces, which is an old film.


Yeah, that’s the strange thing you think it’d be well know to film types. I saw Home Alone properly for the first time this year and clocked it was an Angels with Dirty faces reference but if you saw it when you were a kid you wouldn’t notice that.


Even as a little kid I loved old films more than newer ones.


Like The Godfather 3?


I’ve never seen any of the Godfather films. I probably should. Everyone says they’re great. But… I think I’d be disappointed because so many people have said how great they are and…


Ah its not considered the best one, but thats just me


A Christmas hat-trick of TIHBSTR:

  1. American Woman by Lenny Kravitz is a cover
  2. The original is not by Led Zeppelin, but a Canadian band called The Guess Who
  3. The Dutch music festival ‘Le Guess Who’, which originally started as a showcase for Canadian bands that the organisers wished would play/tour the Netherlands, is named after said band


Randy Bachman was in The Guess Who, and strongly influenced fellow local-Winnipeg musician Neil Young.

Also they were called another name (Chad Allan & The Expressions), but their record label released a single of theirs as Guess Who? to appear mysterious. After the single was successful the record label revealed the band’s name, but by that point everyone was calling them The Guess Who and the band were forced to stick with it.


That the French actually did anticipate the Germans would come around the Maginot Line and it wasn’t just a weird exercise in hubris. We did the first half of 20th century history at GCSE so we did kind of 1900 to 1950 and I just recall it being a bit of a joke that the French only put it in to the German border and then Hitler got around it.

Reading this

it’s clear that there was a lot more tactical stuff at play. Sounds like the French (and British) made mistakes but it’s far more understandable.

(Moreover, I had never really connected the British army over there and this with the need to be rescued at Dunkirk.)


They’re good films. I think mainly I found Godfather II disappointing because everyone went on about it but when you watch them back to back it’s pretty much just another 3.5 hours of the same stuff. Whereas everyone said Part III was so dreadful it could only seem refreshing.