Things you have been slow to realise


pannier isn’t pronounced like the cheese


how is it pronounced? i pronounce it like the cheese


Found out the other day that Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s brother is Giles Coren.

It’s obvious but i just never put the two together cause i love her and he’s vile


Yeah, and Giles Coren is married to Alexander Armstrong’s sister. Imagine the Christmas gatherings!


Cheese: PaNEER
Bike bag: Panny-er


Sounds exhausting.


Too many quizzes and some massive bigotry. Standard christmas


Wait so the year 1900 isn’t a leap year just because it isn’t? That’s odd, fair enough though


panyay according to the bike shop man. I’m staying with the cheese way.


It takes roughly 365.24219 days for the earth to orbit the sun in what’s known as a tropical year.

The Julian calendar approximated this to 365.25 days, and so had one leap day every four years.

The Gregorian Calendar approximates it to a more accurate 365.2525 days, and therefore has 97 leap days per 400 years


Greg sounds like a boring jobsworth, I’m with Julie.


Greece only switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1923!


there is so much about this post that i don’t understand


is it how are they eating that?

or is it that the eggs are clearly OVERdone


if only there was a way to specify how you wanted your eggs at a cafe



this is clearly at a giants house
he has a giant kettle but couldn’t get the giant metro tiles he wanted hence why they are so small


Pannier West



ye’s baby name choices are pretty out there.

(I didn’t understand your post, sorry)