Things you have been slow to realise


Panyay West?


oh sorry I did get it. there we are.

let’s all improve in 2019


I thought I was off to a blinder with that joke, but maybe I need to rethink some stuff about life and whatnot and come back stronger


FFS Theo, now I’m in a Wiki wormhole reading about the Maginot Line! (I am very much enjoying reading about it again so thanks!)


I recall learning this when the year 2000 was coming up. Kind of weird to be on the other side of the @marckee desk. Not sure I like it.


The cheese is spelt how it sounds though - paneer - and so is pannier. It is a subtle difference though and not a subtlety I’d noticed before. I have no idea how anyone could manage to say pannier as ‘panyay’ - they are a menace.


All this about China landing on the arse end of the moon has led me to discover that the moon doesn’t rotate on its axis.

No wonder I got an E in A level Physics.


Yes it does, but the length of time it takes to rotate on it’s axis is so close to the length of time of its orbit that the same side faces the earth at all times.


Didn’t want to make it too wordy but yeah, we end up with the same bit facing us constantly.


Seems a bit convenient #flatearth #moonisalie


Just learnt that the lead singer of Interpol was born in Clacton-on-Sea :smiley:


Are you also aware that the dark side of the moon isn’t always dark?


oh yeah, Paul and Daniel are both English. and Paul supports West Ham. orr his dad does, at least. I think.


and if this true, it would obviously explain the lyrics

“we spies, we foam hands”

fuck, I hope I haven’t misremembered because ^that is gold, mates


Yeah; ‘Money’ is quite amusing in parts


Tony Hancock was only 44 when he died. I’ve seen re-runs on his programs - I would have sworn he was late fifties at least.


The booze really took its toll - very sad.
Sometimes wonder how his life and career would have been different in a 21st century situation


Conrad from Trail of Dead was born in Nuneaton


Azealia Banks covered this apparently!


not the West Ham version