Things you have been slow to realise



ah shame


I knew a couple of American fans who made a trip to Clacton when they holidayed in the UK. I tried to tell them it wasn’t worth it, haha


MGMT = Management

I thought it was some drug I’d never heard of.


Wow. :exploding_head:

Always assumed a Ploughman’s Lunch was something farmers used to have back in the 1700s or some shit.


Oooooooh I love a cheeky ploughman’s

Feel like you don’t see them that much these days?


bet Webb and Miller feel left out


The Museum of English Rural Life singlehandedly justifies the existence of Twitter


They’re great aren’t they?

Somehow make old pictures of farmyard animals brilliant.


The impact Sean Adams has had on my life


I distinctly remember them saying this sort of thing about carbonara in the first episode of Chef’s Table but without rewatching it all I can’t back it up. But it said it was invented to get rid of a shit load of parmesan. Google tells me two completely different stories though, one which I’ve heard about it being introduced by American soldiers, nd another boring one I can’t even remember. Neither mention this parmesan offloading that Chef’s Table did though. Did I dream it?


I’ve seen that episode!

It wasn’t invented for it - but they all cooked it to help them use up all the Parmesan to help save the farmers/producers


Also easy to prepare in a busy pub - no cooking involved


There’s a West Kilbride as well as an East?!


Not something that I was slow to realise but a mate asked me to explain the birthday paradox to them. This is if there are 23 people in a room there is a 50% chance two of them will have the same birthday. I showed them the maths behind it and they still won’t accept it.


I only realised this recently too!


Only just discovered the existence of the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury despite living in London since 2005. Smh.


You should have seen it years ago, when the flats were still all social housing and there were pretty much no chain stores amongst the shops at all. I think there was a Safeways supermarket in the north east portion. Everything else was an independent business. Charity shop, solicitors office, stuff like that. Not ‘artisan’ or anything. Just regular small businesses. It’s SO different now.


Ha ha even I never reached those heights of obsession! (Though I enjoyed the accidental Daniel Kessler birthplace pilgrimage when I went to Shepherds Bush the other month for Twilight Sad).


And Daniel’s brother is the editor of Q magazine, a fact I’m sure is unrelated to Interpol’s recent cover feature and five star album review.


chevy means chevrolet