Things you have been slow to realise


New Donk City in Super Mario Odysessy is named after Donkey Kong. Genuinely thought they just chosen the word Donk because it sounded funny.


Chevrolet Chase


Chuck from Better Call Saul was in Spinal Tap.


Fucking hell, Scorpion, I already posted that in here!


Slow to realise that @Balonz already had the same realisation…


Similar to Bailey’s Irish Cream. They wanted a way of getting rid of surplus Irish dairy and wondered if they could put it in an alcoholic drink.


I must have heard this Utah Saints song on the radio 1000 times

I have listened to kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album many, many times

I have only just clocked that it;s Kate Bush sample on this Utah Saints song


The Utah Saints song that they just played on 6 Music?

If so, I too have heard it loads of times. Didn’t know about the Kate Bush sample until you posted.



I just thought to myself “this sounds like Kate Bush” so googled it and it is (from the song Cloudbursting)

great story,

I;m very very bored


Cloudbusting innit


le burstoi


tbf, there are probably dozens of tracks that use samples that I didn’t even realise were samples


John Torode and Lisa Faulkner were dating?!

And now they’re engaged?



Down on one knee, he looked up and said

Proposals don’t get tougher than this.


Dating for years since she was on the show. Hasn’t been a secret I don’t think.


I was aware of this only because I’ve had a massive crush on Lisa Faulkner since her Holby City days.


thought lisa faulkner was lisa kudrow
their names are too similar, imo


J2O is a pun of H2O.


You gonna keep your peace when they ask if anyone knows any reason why they shouldn’t be married?


Not sure if it fits the brief for this thread but noticed earlier that Ellen DeGeneres’s famous OSCAR SELFIE photo (think Bradley Cooper took it but, y’know) has Kevin Spacey in it. So I guess that’s the end of that.