Things you have been slow to realise




But I have been slow to realise it!


I wish her nothing but happiness.


Sorry I was slow to realise what thread this was


that’s the end of a picture from a five year old tweet? yeah probably


In this thread, when you like a post

  • I also didn’t realise this thing until now
  • I find the idea of someone only just finding this out funny/understandable

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IIRC, she used to date a friend of @Scout’s before the Torodemeister




Indeed she did. She was married to him in fact, and left him for Torode.


Really miss the This function for such scenarios.


I’ve still not realised whatever this thing is.


I didn’t know Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were married.

Not sure if this is suitable for this thread as you could name literally any actor in the world apart from about 3 (4 if you count Lisa faulkner) and I couldn’t tell you who they’re married to.


who’s the third one? (or fourth if you count Lisa Faulkner?)


Lisa Kudrow


she should have tried out for the olympics then


You ok japes?


not really


george clooney is married to Amal something (think that’s still current). she is a famous lawyer .


That @discobot is an actual bot and not someone’s joke account :flushed:


@discobot fortune are you real?