Things you have been slow to realise


Gets cracked out every year at Oscar season. Every year.


I don’t know if this belongs here, but until I read The Subtle Knife at the age of 15, I thought that subtle was pronounced subtul, rather than suttle.

And literally just now realised that I’ve been spelling and pronouncing homogeneous incorrectly, and thought that homogenous was a legitimate word to use when not describing an animal’s skin in the 19th century.


John Travolta has been wearing a wig this whole time?!?!?!


shit who knew!


Bottom left is a waxwork surely


Bottom left is Steven Seagal after a heavy night.


So he’s definitely bald and not y’know filming something where he plays a bald person?


i thought it was plugs


i can’t stop looking at photos of john travolta now



I never realised until just now that if I sneeze at just the right volume and frequency I can mute the TV. I had to grab the remote to unmute it. Wonder if I can change channels as well…


I’m sorry what?


Clive is pulling an absolute blinder of a wind-up here.


Never even considered that this phrase had any racist connotations until I read @Icarus-Smicarus’s post:


Clooney probably, m8. Maiden name Alamuddin.


He was out or I would suspect he was playing a prank.

I sneezed. And the TV went mute. I picked up the remote control and pressed unmute and it came back on again.

To be honest, now I think about it, it was probably a weird coincidence. But, seriously, it was weird.


of all the superpowers to be granted!


I’m taking this as my superpower. It’s the only one I’ve got so I’m grateful for anything.


Semi-Charmed Life is about crystal meth addiction?!


I think possibly the US pronunciation of ‘homogeneous’ is homo-GENIE-us but in the UK it’s more ‘homodj-en-us’


Recall an actress on some chat show in the 90s talking about how many actors in Hollywood were bald but refused to acknowledge it to the point where she’d seen one actor she knew was bald having a bald pate thing attached on top of his wig by the makeup department.

Since then I’ve just generally assumed they’re all wearing wigs to be on the safe side.