Things you have been slow to realise


Yeah - the number of fairly elderly actors and musicians with luxurious heads of hair Vs the general population do not stack up


not sure bottom right is a wig


really sells it


Just got @SloameOcean 's username


And I just got yours!


Probably my favourite song on The Soft Bulletin.


Only realised last night while watching the Favourite that four-poster beds have a use and that use is to have curtains that close around them for privacy and probably warmth.


weird that people don’t use them anymore at least not in my circles. the concept’s timeless


Well, a circle isn’t a good shape in which to have a four-poster.




Only ever considered them for tying up purposes :blush:


Just realized that there’s a fairly witty dirty joke in the middle of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Work’


Just noticed that ire and irate must have the same derivation.


vin diesel is not vin diesel’s birth name. he made it up himself to sound cool. he named himself vin diesel.


and now he’s worth millions.


hank gasoline


this could be the making of you


dave gas


bière meths


LPG Soundsystem