Things you have been slow to realise


Dario G who had a hit with Sunchyme is from Crewe and is named after legendary Crewe football manager Dario Gradi :open_mouth:

January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic

H from Steps, hails from Bournemouth. Named after Harry Redknapp


Always thought he was called Jonty Rhode(s)


Head over heels?


Gerry Rafferty was in Steeler’s Wheel


Like Huge Ackman


I know this and have known for a while, but I always forget and realise when I see it written down that someone who owns a restaurant is a restaurateur, without an n.


Funny way of spelling “Tory” tbh


That’s the one


That Nard Dog (US office) is a play on Yard Dog.


Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty were in a band together too!


I did not know this.


I wouldn’t use one as a single bed cause

The fear that a ghost or Dracula could burst in through the curtains

Is just about scarier than

The fear of a ghost or Dracula creeping round near my bed


The Humblebums! My dad and his brother supported them in a pub in Dundee when they were younger, apparently


That @roastthemonaspit’s avatar is the second-best named supporting character in cinema. Recently deposed by “Wanking man” in The Favourite.


Mate that wasn’t even the best named supporting character in The Favourite


Old Blue Last, £5/£3 concessions.


That Cillian Murphy starred in Antz


The internet is shite.


Aha - It’s the old bird from Threads!