Things you have been slow to realise


You know that expensive vodka that’s in a bottle shaped like a skull? It’s made by…

…Dan Ackroyd.


Fairly mediocre vodka (especially for the price) but makes a mean whiskey decanter once you’re done :+1:


Chris De Burgh and Nick Drake also performed on stage together too. (As part of some end of term music performance thing at Marlborough College where they were both pupils)


I did know this once as I have read a ND Bio, but I had forgotten it so good to know!

I played rugby against Marlborough college a couple of times - my main takeaway was that their school was nicer than ours and had girls in it (which mine didn’t)


I believe she prefers to be called “woman who”…
This is a brilliant read by Jude Rogers about Threads, Where the Wind Blows and more. I watched a few clips after reading it and it’s the most frightening realistic drama I’ve ever seen. Not sure I could bear the final scene, if it’s anything like it sounds.


That Rihanna’s surname is Fenty. I’d literally never even thought about the fact that she has a surname before until now and it’s done my nut in.


that Jason Reitman is IVan Reitman’s song




Fenty is also the name of a lot of the clothing stuff that she’s been associated with:


She’s part Irish, which is where the surname is from.


Is that because they’ve just been announced to be working on the latest Ghostbusters reboot?


It was!


Brilliant, gona try and find a copy.


I knew about that, just thought Fenty was a random word


Ghostbusters 3? Are we ignoring the sub par second film or the one that they allowed women to be in?


The fuck




They’re ignoring the Paul Feig reboot, it’s apparently going to take place in the same timeline / universe as the original two.


I just completely refuse to accept this.


If you thing anyone is going to believe that tripe…