Things you have been slow to realise


Really makes u thing


I was aware of this but I refuse to agree with it


How can Judas Priest have got it SO wrong?!


I refuse to believe a professor of English language over the Black Country’s finest.


In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the big question of Life, The Universe and Everything - What do you get if you multiply six by nine? - does equal 42 - the answer to LTUAE - if you’re working in base 13.
This revelation took me fucking decades.


I’ve been hearing a lot about Rebecca Ferguson being in a lot of films and this whole time i’ve been a bit like “oh that’s a bit weird but good for Rebecca Ferguson for making it in hollywood!”

I’d been thinking of this Rebecca Ferguson.


Me too! When I heard she was in the Greatest Showman I thought wow, she’s done well for herself! :joy:


Her career’s really taken off since she divorced Prince Andrew


Woah - Jake Gyllenhaal is one of Billy Crystal’s kids in City Slickers


The crucible in Sheffield (old steel city) where snooker is played.

A crucible is a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures.


FFS. Always thought it was a weird name for a venue, never drew the link between a container for melting shit at high temperature and a town famed for melting shit at high temperatures.


I think the fact that it is ‘in the round’ is also a factor


There was a good one on Radio 1 this week (my kids like to listen on the way to school, all right?) where people had always assumed that Breakfast Tea didn’t taste of bacon, sausage, beans, toast etc, and realised it just tasted of tea.


Take it to the ‘Things Stupid People Thought Were True’ thread :roll_eyes:


Jason Bateman is Teen Wolf Too!!!


There were those Full English flavour limited edition Walkers crisps (think there was a celeb tie in naming them “Stephen Fry up”) and they apparently just tasted of egg. Would rather have Trump as president for the rest of my life than eat them.


CW for being vulgar and crude, but may as well tell the truth… for years I thought “rogering” as in people making the beast with two backs came not from “Roger” as in radio communication but short for “the erogenous zones”


Croissant means crescent :exploding_head:


Pain au chocolate means chocolate in bread FYI.


Wait till he hears about pain au raisin