Things you have been slow to realise


Panettone means Tony’s bread.


The sign above the baby aisle in Asdas says Bairns not babies.


That there’s a full length version of this that isn’t just the 30 seconds they used to play in the cinema


Going to sing "Tony’s Bread’ to this now.


just realised it’s not a strawberry on the cover of last splash


Literally, listened to the song after reading that post too ha.

Was trying to work out a joke but CBA.


Disagree that Skull is mediocre. I mean I’m no vodka connoisseur but I can drink skull neat at room temperature. If I tried that with even black label Smirnoff my spasm of disgust would take out half the bar.


It’s ignoring the 2016 one but that was technically a reboot ignoring the original, so this is meant to be a direct sequel to GB2


Took me too long to find out who your picture was - I mean Google has effectively buried her.

This is like the two very different Alex Jones causing stuff on Twitter to confuse me.


Always thought “THIS NEXT ONE IS THE FIRST SONG FROM OUR NEW ALBUM” was just ripped from some Beastie Boys bootleg. Nope. Cheap Trick At Budokan.

Also, I Want You To Want Me wasn’t by Letters To Cleo.


Trinidad looks like Slurms McKenzie.





Regardless of this, Trinidad has always been my favourite shaped island.




Eyyyy :sunglasses:


Pitch Perfect is a pun on perfect pitch


Navel oranges are so called as they have what appears to be a navel at the top (/bottom)


this is not the case.

pitch perfect is just the american term.


wait i’ve not proven myself right with that link.

but i’ve heard ‘pitch perfect’ as a term since i was a kid


Yeah but it is a pun in the title of the film because it’s about acapella singers who require perfect pitch.