Things you have been slow to realise


The word pitch has now lost all meaning.


how is that a pun? it’s like calling a film about football ‘first touch’

there’s no double meaning. pitch perfect is necessary to sing acapella. the film is about acapella. where’s the pun?


Isn’t that like saying the Great Escape is a pun on Great Escapes?


yes it is. thank you.


Fucking hyg, eh?


Pitch perfect, as your Mirriam Webstering shows, is a broader term about things being correct or well judged.

Homebase is also a pun.


but in this case the only thing that could be correct or well judged is an acapella performance.


Also their charming friendships







also no one has ever used the term ‘pitch perfect’ otherwise. find me an example of that in journalism or lit, HYG. go on!


You mean no one has ever used “pitch perfect” expect to refer to a correct musical note?


i do.


this is definitely not true. I’ve heard it a lot for other meanings


Like, for example, from the dictionary page you screenshotted earlier?


two sheds, my dear hyg


Maybe all their speeches were in A flat minor, idk


I often think about this as it still absolutely baffles me how it could in any way be considered a pun.


Never mind North Macedonia, Swaziland changed its name?!