Things you have been slow to realise


That straitjacket is spelt that way not ‘straightjacket’. I mean now I write them both down I recognise the correct spelling but in my head I’ve never seen the word ‘strait’ there.


How about its general racism and other problematic stuff?


Just realised when Michael Jackson says he’s starting with the man in the mirror he doesn’t mean starting a fight with.


I used to work with a guy from Swaziland and he told me that sometimes they’d go for a night out in South Africa and if they were late getting back the door would be locked and you couldn’t get back in the country until next morning. Never could tell when he was bullshtting or not




Or in fact written for him by people desperately trying to get him to reflect and change*.

*I doubt that this was the motivation of the writers


I did know the man in the mirror was himself though you blimmin idiot Geoff.


after watching F is for Fake last night I realised that this is based on Howard Hughes and isn’t just a made up bit of humour





Ah the Spruce Moose bit didn’t give it away then!


I’ll tell you that looking up the writers to this song caused me to learn Bad was Jackson’s seventh studio album and not, as I had previously thought, his third.

Should probably have cross posted this to @ma0sm’s musical version of this thread tbh


Yeah I would have thought it started with Off the Wall.


Yup. I feel sure I was told that was his first solo. Maybe it was his first after leaving the Jackson 5.


Have you never seen The Aviator? Decent film that.


Here’s a thing.

My mum loves jigsaws. Like huge 10000 piece ones. I was round there last week and she had three of the four corner bits missing, and the corner section she did have was duplicated. She contacted the makers to get it replaced and they said she would have to send the whole thing in, and they couldn’t replace the bits because - get this - jigsaws are, mostly, cut randomnly and they don’t have interchangeable pieces.


Woah! Whilst I have never considered this you’d have thought they’d have a template cutter for them. Well I’m blowed.


Is this right?

I thought that there were standard templates for jigsaws, hence why you can mix and match from different boxes:


Used fabric conditioner for the first time this week. Genuinely didn’t know it existed. I’d heard of softener, but for years i’d just been using them liquibubble things and wondered why my clothes always smelt like damp pastry. Absolutely sensational.


Those are ace!


Think it varies. Saw on an episode of the highly sophisticated show Do You Know? (cbeebies) that small wooden ones cut entirely by the cutters digression using a jigsaw (the tool, obvs).

I imagine some manufacturers just have dies and cut them on presses though?