Things you have brushed the teeth of

Select any that apply:

  • Yourself
  • Your child
  • Your father
  • Your mother
  • Your sister
  • Your brother
  • Your aunt
  • Your uncle
  • Your grandparent (any)
  • Your great-grandfather
  • Your great-grandmother
  • Your dog
  • Your cat
  • Your hamster
  • Your gerbil
  • Your farm animal
  • Your saw
  • Your comb
  • Something else

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Just me and balonz

Other: the teeth of the chainrings on my bike (bikewanker)

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Someone else’s cat

How many people have brushed your teeth? Personally, I can’t remember.

Personally I can’t remember either

not history’s greatest subthread is it

I’ve only ever done this for myself. I suddenly feel so selfish.

let’s organise a teeth brushing themed meat

  • I would be up for this in theory
  • No thank you

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I’ll level with you Smee, it’s a bad thread in general. These poor subthreads never stood a chance.