Things you have changed your mind on

Things change. People change. Opinions change. Change is as good as a…change.

So what have you changed YOUR mind on recently? Me?

1.Sunglasses. Used to think they were stupid. In the same catergory as hats. But now stick them on at every opportunity because people can’t see my eyes and the whole world is a nice calmer dark

  1. Shorts. Used to have a no shorts rule. Now I wear them. Not because I look good, but because I have given up and they are more comfortable in the hot weather.

3.Brexit. Probably be fine :wink:

Basically made some changes to my opinions on summer clothes. How about you?



Tomatoes. Used to hate them, now I love them.

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Voting Labour
Having a career
Types of holidays I prefer

Merv Hughes

Now in to holidays with a hard drinking liquor buddy?

Tomato, tom-hate-no

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No I’m going to be the alcoholic instead

that’s a much better deal

Love Island

(shite > brilliant > meh)
(before i’d watched it > Chris and Kem > current series)

Brilliant > still good but more aware of how much producer manipulation is happening

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(i HATRE my job > ehh it’s alright > i HATE my jo > eh it’s alright > i HA

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Changed my opinion on which way to place the toilet roll several years back. :exploding_head::exploding_head:

short sleeved shirts - used to hate them and wouldn’t ever consider buying one. Bought three this year so far and can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear them.

Where did you place it before realising it’s for your bum?


Used to think KMCs were better than Dragon Shields. Can’t believe I was so wrong.

Schoolboy error

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Front to back. Always

Really wish I could say A for effort here pal