Things you have changed your mind on

When I saw this thread I was going to say wearing sunglasses and wearing shorts, too. Baseball caps as well in sunny weather.

I went away last month and for the first time ever I decided to wear shorts rather than jeans when out sightseeing. It makes such a difference!


capitalism. it’s not that bad.

stalinism. there are some drawbacks.

anime. pretty good.

“hero” is a bit strong, but

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you were RIGHT eps

Yeah, I’ve changed my stance on shorts, sunglasses and hats over the years. Also trainers. Pretty sure there’s a thread from years back where I declare all trainers as footwear for children or professional athletes. Now they’re all I wear on my feet.

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That’s because you’re now a professional athlete.

But which kind is the best to be?

Mayonnaise. Still not a fan of meal deal sandwiches that have mayo in them - but now love stuff like lemon mayo, chili mayo, garlic mayo…

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Nothing. Ever.

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I didn’t like lasagne when I was a kid. What the hell was actually wrong with me?

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Traumatic Garfield experience?

bees v keys

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the Iraq war


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I used to not like action films, I’ve now learnt to shut up and enjoy a good long fight scene

Various actions that cyclists occasionally take. Because I have started cycling myself.

I am fine with people saying “literally” when they are not talking about something literally happening. It is no different to saying really or definitely.

I too have embraced hats and shorts. Never sandals though, trainers till I die even on the hottest days.