Things you have done during the Covid-19 (global) pandemic (pando) ((polls))

To be honest that’s what I meant really, either way round - other people got in touch with me. I’m quite surprised so many people haven’t had this experience because a bunch of people did with me (I already have enough friends but hey :sweat_smile:

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I’ve not specified how long ‘significant period’ is because it will vary so much from person to person. Just go with the answer you first feel is correct.

Been through a significant period of drinking too much (anon)

  • yes (had happened pre-pando)
  • yes (first time)
  • no (I am a drinker)
  • no (I am not a drinker)

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been through a significant period of total sobriety (anon)

  • yes (had done it pre-pando)
  • yes (during pando was first time)
  • no (I am a drinker)
  • no (I am not a drinker)

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I have fallen out of touch with the friends that I would see about 3 or 4 times a year. Going to be putting a shift in this summer to get caught up with everyone.

This time last year - during lockdown 1, drinking was through the roof at silly levels.

Drank every single day from March 2020 to February 2021

Now have managed to cut back and have a few dry days per week, so by no means a period of ‘total sobriety’ but it feels a lot better than it was…

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Bought a games console

  • Yes, I didn’t have one at the time
  • Yes, I bought a new one to upgrade/replace an old one
  • No, stuck with my old one
  • Not on videogamesBook

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I didn’t really drink that much before the pandemic anyway, but I had my first drink since March 2020 at the weekend. It wasn’t a deliberate choice to be abstinent or sober, really, more an accident.

a few dry days a week is very very different to drinking every day

especially vs an entire year of the latter

good work :+1:


Got a new pet

  • Yes, I love my little lockdown m80
  • Yes, but I was planning to anyway
  • No, the pandemic ruined my plans
  • It was a no before and it’s a no now

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Got the cat a couple of months before the Panny D

Even though it has been a comfort now and then I really wish we hadn’t got her. She’s completely destroyed my sleep pattern …,and now it seems she’s pregnant and is gonna have kittens in about 4 weeks time


Ouch. Not a glowing review. How has she wrecked your sleep? I want to get a cat at some point, but I like sleeping…

Waking me at all hours of the night wanting to play/eat/be let outside etc

Like, she will literally close a door and then scratch at it to get attention while I’m sleeping. And if that doesn’t work she will crawl up my back and start licking the hair on the back of my neck

I’m completing games way quicker though, which makes sense seeing as it isn’t just a thing I can do on the weekends now

Post and profile pic sync in the most adorable way


Sounds like the sort of thing that’s funny once, but quickly becomes a nightmare. I’m sure the kittens will calm things down :crazy_face:

My (parents’) cat went through a phase of howling outside my door in the night. It was when I had been unemployed and then got a job so was going to bed earlier and not around as much in the day. Eventually she gradually stopped doing it, i probably gave her less and less attention each time and she got used to me not being available at night.

I’m dreading their arrival

I’ve tried the ‘ignore it and it’ll go away’ method, didn’t work at all

Oh dear

How about getting a dog to play with the cat? (Then a horse to play with the dog, etc…)

My housemates cat was hellish for this, never grew out of it, never changed. Would just scream if locked out of the bedrooms. Genuinely does take a toll after a while, really put me off having pets at all.

I might just move out tbh