Things You Have Invented

A contraption you attach to your waist that has a poll in front of it with 4 short mannequins-like things attached to it, one after another. Their hands and legs are attached to yours so however you move, they copy you. At the front it drops down to a wheel on the floor to balance you out. You wear it to gigs or things where you are standing and want to have a good view. It guarantees that the next 4 people in front of you are shorter than you. It is collapsible so you only need to buy one ticket and then can assemble it in the venue.

I also invented the easyjet coat which has 46 pockets long before I’d heard anyone else bang on about the concept.

Invented these years ago and now they’re everywhere. Waiting for my cheque through the post

Free carbon neutral air travel


That’s a pretty good one tbf, can see it taking off

What would you have called them?


Don’t tell anyone ffs.

literally the same thing


Don’t worry, by posting ideas in this thread, you don’t need a patent as it’s then legally covered

chill out, yougov

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Alright, Reddit.

I anal

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Holidogs - service for people to take a dog on holiday for like a long weekend who don’t want a dog for the rest of their busy lives.

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When I was about 5 ½ I was convinced I had invented the phrase ‘Zero the hero’. Similarly, 13 year old me believed he’d coined the term ‘Munter’. I should be due a new phrase any time now.

do you also sell hotdogs?

Only to people holidaying in cold locations

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iPhone 14s

Football Manager 2020

perpetual motion engine
time machine
fully waterproof jacket that doesn’t get sweaty