Things you have just remembered


The song “Killing Time” by Hed PE. I think it was on a Kerrang compilation I had.


The pe stands for planet earth


Well, obviously.

(remember lolling at that explanation the first time around too)


Pret’s veggie new yoker is perhaps the nicest sandwich on the market


I haven’t “just remembered” anything. What are the chances of someone else “just remembering” something?

This thread is just an excuse for YOU to post something YOU’VE just remembered.

What a swizz.


Just remembered that you’re mean.


got my appraisal in 10 minutes. shit.


That @Antpocalypsenow made this thread a couple of weeks back Remember anything?


You’re right, this one’s a huge waste of e-trees.


:cut_of_meat: :spades: :skull:


There’s a skeleton inside everyone.



The existence of Jon Tickle.


Enjoyed the start of this sentence on his wikipedia page


Thanks for reminding me I have an eye test at 6.30.


The fact I was going to make a thread on the music board today

will leave it till tomorrow

or will I


I’ll do it now, I’m at work