Things you have lost


Lost one of those massive Victorinox knives when I was in my teens. Loved that thing. Still upset ten years on.

(no virginity gags please)


A bus pass, once, in school.

Nothing since then.


I lost a very expensive pair of earphones in 2011


Yeah, I’m not a big loser.


Bought some Gorilla wood glue a few weeks ago, haven’t used it yet and now can’t find it anywhere.


Self respect from too many years in retail


So many socks




Motivation to work


Myself, for a minute there


Lost every book I own moving house, found them 5 years later


Since Barleysugar slagged off spenos?


a fairly expensive multi tool that i left in my bag going through an airport like a dick

does that count? i had to bin it but at no point did i not know where it was


Lost my neutral milk hotel tote bag, slipped right off my shoulder


a gold coin in the airport, no one handed it in either the wankstains - the sentimental value was through the roof!


A mate of mine was in Zimbabwe and realised he had some chronic left on him so he dumped it in a bin. He was spotted dumping it in the bin and spent three weeks in gaol until he was able to get his folks to bribe him out.

If that makes you feel better?


That was a huge part of it, but the signs were there before then.


My black still warm weather jacket. Devastated tbh, love that thing.


it does, thanks


wonder what would have happened if he had just chanced it? bet he thought a lot about that