Things you have only just learned (rolling)



There’s a left-handed pay gap in the UK (leftie men are paid more than righties, leftie women are paid less than righties :frowning: #PrayForPervo ).
Left-handed people are more likely to be paedophiles or sexual deviants than righties.

What have you learned?


Miquita Oliver’s mum is mates with Neneh Cherry


*quickly moves coffee cup from left side of desk to right side.

Big Suze from Peep Show is Claudia Winkleman’s sister. Only found out that the other

my mind.


So, to extrapolate the data in the OP:
paedophiles get paid more than non-paedophiles

That is truly a disgrace. How is the Daily Mail not all over this?


##message to left handed people: you are not special


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that wierd because I did type “day…blew” in my post but they didn’t make it when I submitted it :confounded:


That some people apparently eat halloumi raw.


Aww, just like the old forums!


I’m getting all misty-eyed at the nostalgia of it all.