Things you have only recently discovered you have being saying/doing wrong

Just found out that the thing Ive been calling WetTransfer at work is actual called WeTransfer. No one has called me up on it, this is shameful…


Can the mods lock this now for a deep chuckle when it is viewed?

Was sure for most of my life that the saying was “off your own back”.

Is this the kind of thing you were looking for?

Yes but more embarrassing

Not me, but my old boss (who was Finnish) went about 5 years telling everyone, including her boss, that she “couldn’t/can’t be arsed” when asked to do something.

She thought she was saying “couldn’t/can’t be asked”.

Deep, deep titters.


Wait I’m trying to understand in what context she thought the phrase worked.

Spent five minutes looking at this trying to work out what was wrong about it, and then googled it, and now I realise that I’ve been saying it wrong all my life.


Not sure the proper one makes much more sense either tbh.


edit: it should be ‘off your own bat’ apparently :confused:


Bahaha, me toooo

I think she thought it was 'cant be asked, as ‘You don’t need to ask me, I’m already on it’.

It is not.


also “champing at the bit”…such a stupid saying anyway.

aww that’s adorable.

hopefully she was saying it with a hint of pride and chirpiness in her voice as that would make it even better.

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and lastly…her logic is sound, “can’t be asked” would be a good phrase for that. Stupid English language

What’s wrong with that? I imagine it’s some pre-industrial relic or something. You can’t really criticise a saying for seeming peculiar after it’s context has disappeared. Saying that, I’m struggling to think any really modern sayings…

It’s a good analogy, no? Horses literally do it when they are impatient to race.

yeah but who knows what a champ or a bit is outside of this context?

Spent 25 years of my life thinking Post-Its were called Post-Sticks, life hasn’t been the same since.


I thought it was chomping?

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