Things you have only recently discovered you have being saying/doing wrong

Hate that bit in curb where julia louis dreyfus corrects larry and says it’s chomping

Was mispronouncing ‘anemone’ in the title of one of my favourite albums. Must have said it wrong 50 times :sweat:

Pronunciation terrifies me - especially in other languages, so I feel your pain!

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things I’ve mispronounced/said incorrectly in Spanish:

I called lentils ‘lentillas’, which means ‘contact lenses’ (should be lentejas) for years and years. still do it sometimes by accident.

A relative recently died, and I was talking to his son and tried to say ‘i’m sorry about what happened’, but the way it came out meant more like ‘i’ve already forgotten about your dad’.


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Fairly bad on the faux pas stakes!

yep! Basically, it was a bit awkward anyway because it had recently happened and I wasn’t there because of the death, so I’d lined up what I was going to say - ‘sorry for your loss, we’ll never forget him’ or something like that, but yeah, came out like ‘I’ve already forgotten about him’. Realized what I’d said and corrected myself, but…

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Up until I was maybe 30 I thought the expression was ‘getting your just desserts’. Like, you’d do something bad and get a shit dessert as punishment.


Life isn’t that cruel thankfully! Give me jail over creme caramels every time!

Understandable they really hide that A.