Things you have recently enjoyed that you were not expecting to enjoy

Simpsonwave. I’m well aware that this makes me a cunt.

Never heard of it, but after a few minutes’ googling, I’m on board.

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M&S christmas ginger viennese whirls.

Not usually a fan of ginger, but these are amazing.

now i have to look up vaporwave too

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The latest albums by Feeder, Twin Atlantic, and The 1975

“cloud rap”

that new Childish Gambino song

A thread about Harry Potter.

@meowington to thread

This should be one for the how to annoy your partner thread as whenever i have anything ginger i go ‘oh i do love a bit of ginger’ and wink at my bf

he sounds a bit…um…precious?

he doesn’t react which is the problem
just dead straight face, no joy, no anger
looks at me with slight disgust :cry:

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I do like the sound of vapourwave, even though it is often literally

  1. take '80s track

  2. slow down '80s track

  3. make a deliberately rubbish album cover

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