Things you have recently missed out on

Missed out on anything recently? So near, so spar?
Recently missed out on getting a nintendo gamecube with loads of games (Zelda, MGS, etc) for £20 off gumtree. Was only on an hour on, too slow, missed!
Also missed out on a coffee machine for minor bucks off gumtree as well. Missed!
There are too many people, aren’t there? Making me, the most important of the people, miss out on stuff I want!
What you missed?

Alright, Thanos.

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maybe Thanos was just outbid one too many times on ebay?

I missed out on a copy of Swami b/w Blow My Mind by The William Penn Fyve on the Thunderbird label. I bid £106 and it sold for £108.

Currently looking at buying a cheap-ish secondhand sofa for when my newly redeveloped lounge is ready to go. Anyone wanting to know about my fun in the world of RSJs, I’ve been chatting in a variety of threads about it as I’m so excited.

Anyway, found a lovely big patchwork style sofa on Ebay that had no bids on at £40. Bargain! Thinly veiled was driving us back from the beach on Monday evening and auction end time was coming up, so fired it up on my phone and got ready to pile in with my last minute bid. Disaster! No signal. Fuck you East Kent. Sold for £43 pounds in the end. Bollox.

Story has a happy ending though. Found another good sofa on Ebay that had a matching armchair. First time seller on Ebay and I’m not sure they knew what they were doing - bad description and auction finishing at 11:30pm Wednesday night. Got the pair for £32. Hooray!

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Pretty sure I’ve got a Game Cube somewhere. Don’t know what games I’d have for it, though.

that shit is CA$H Money!..kind of…
Can get £30 each for Zelda, Metal Gear solid. £50 for boxed gamecube
Basically, Mirriam was selling it for £20 and there was £200+ of stuff there. Missed!

Can’t help thinking I missed out on making ££££s by not buying a few Bitcoins 5 years ago…

Will you allow my annecdote of something I almost missed out on but by complete luck got?

There a lot of people hurting in here. Maybe a good luck story will build us up, a flame of hope OR be a bitter reminder of our recent misses. I will let you decide how to proceed

Some #hypebeerz that I would’ve liked but had no money for

I think you’ll all be quite happy for me.

I’m getting a whole load of very expensive vaccinations for travelling, private clinic told me I could get Hep A and Typhoid free from my gp. Hadn’t done anything about it but wfh home today so phoned up to enquire how to procede. Receptionist was all ‘we don’t do that here’ so I asked him to double check. Phoned me back an hour later and told me that their last ever clinic is this evening, and has booked me in. That’s pretty good luck right?

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I’m happy you didn’t take the word of a GP receptionist. I’m SURE there are very good ones, but I haven’t met one yet

Think their attitude is just a reaction to dealing with emotional, ill and therefore bratty people. I try to be as pleasant as I can to compensate.

My gamecube stopped working after it was in the cellar and the cellar flooded. :unamused:

I’ve still got all the games and controllers I bought for it though, as they still work on my Wii.

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Mirriam claimed she was unsure the gamecube worked as had been in “storage for years”…but thought if it didn’t I would use the 12 or so games in the wii. I had plans marckee, plans and dreams. Fucking Mirriam!

Yeah,agree they would have to deal with people at their worst, all day, every day