Things you have strong opinions about that you never thought you'd have strong opinions about


The relative quality of different brands of protective sleeves for cards.


Donald Trump.


Blinds that draw down from the top rather than up from the bottom.


what cards?


Nouns as verbs


how do you feel about blinds in a house or flat that are strips that hang down, like in an 80s office?




Expensive ones.


so bad, I’m looking at flats atm and I’m instantly turned off by that. See also:

Glass table
Faux leather Couch
‘antique’ wardrobe.


like, playing cards?


Like those, but nerdier.


The way round that the toilet roll goes on the holder


oh MTG ones. I see.


All seriously shit things.

I had a leather couch once, never again. Somehow would find that it’d make every single point of contact sweat regardless of whether I was warm or not.


Nah, mug’s game m8


they’re all things that someone might aspire to in the late 80’s but have no relevance now. I don’t understand why landlords don’t just go as neutral as possible. There’s a reason millions of people buy from Ikea. Because pine is fine. PINE IS FINE.


I do not understand this and i’ve read it 3 times.



I think he means like a Velux one



Food and cooking.

At 18: “food is fuel, pass the pot noodle”
Now: “fresh herbs only, cast iron or GTFO, pass the kosher salt”


That’s weird tho