Things you have that other people probably don't have that would help them if they had them but they probably haven't thought about them.

A set of butter knives. Our cutlery drawer always ended up with a disparity of knives to forks as we were often using the knives to spread things on toast or various other breaded products.

Bought a set of butter knives and that issue has disappeared.

My pleasure.

Grapefruit spoons.

Chai pot and hob diffuser. Niche market here.

Little basket at the foot of my bed for clothes I’ve taken off that day that are good to wear another day.

A good peeler and tin opener. Honestly do it, it’s not worth living with the misery of not having these things.

You are all welcome


I have a grapefruit spoon. I use it maybe twice a year. Worth it though.

This is some genius work that I would be well advised to incorporate myself.

(won’t though)

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nice chaidea


Got this collapsible thing with fixed clothes pegs that can accommodate loads of socks and pants, and the whole thing clips onto the washing line. That’s good.

Like this

We have something along those lines but it does not fold. I do not use it.

Sounds shit

Have a little pot on my food prep bench in my kitchen which i use to fling little bits and pieces like ends of carrots and other small bits of waste so I don’t have to keep walking to the bin. Keeps the counter clean(ish)

They go on the hooks on the inside of the bathroom door, obviously.

Clothes don’t live in the bathroom, that’s madness


How about a dressing gown?

Hooks on the back of the bedroom door, obviously.

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400 Bad Request

Request got better (but worse too)

I get undressed in the bathroom in the evening. Clothes either go in the laundry basket (if dirty) or on the hooks (if still good for wearing).

I’ve got logistical questions about most of this but I think the answer is you walking around in the nude

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