Things you have that you don't think anyone else does here


I have over 100 first cousins, which I didn’t think was that many but some people have one or two if any :scream:


My dad had over 20 (nan was one of 7, granddad was one of 8), and I thought that was a lot.

How on earth do you get over 100?!


:wave: I have three HUNDRED


I probably do too, my dad was one of 12 kids.


Dad was one in 9 and mum is one in 5. A few have passed away (3, 4 including my dad) but they all had kids. One uncle has 12. I have 12 cousins from my mum’s side who all live in London and had 12 from my dad’s side in London too though most of them left the uk now


I have five first cousins.


Bet no one else has 0 first cousins like me


The heart of my loved one

not in a jar


I touched a heart once

At a school science event, it belonged to a cow


have a little heart for that beautiful tale.


Beautiful cow tail


I’ve held a human heart before! It was preserved in wax and used in anatomy lectures.


A school friend of mine has no cousins aunts or uncles- both her parents were only children.


Soz JB, ive got around 100 first cousins too… Mums got 8 siblings, Dads got 6 siblings… our family has the lowest number of offspring (3) on both sides…

Assuming you’re a fellow BAME. HIGH FIVE for being a fellow ‘able to arrange a multi team football tournament using only immediate members of the family’ person

One of my uncles has 9 kids ffs


I’ve got about 25. Never met most of them.


No cousins of any numerical value at all :hushed:


I’ve got about fifty first cousins I think. There’s still a few I haven’t met actually. I don’t know if I want to meet them though as their Mam is an absolute weapon and I do not like her.


I am :joy: it’s great having a huge family, although embarrassing at weddings when someone hugs you and tells you how much you’ve grown and do you remember them?? When you don’t


Heartwarming comedy, starring Drew Barrymore and that DiSer whose name I can’t remember


I have four (dad is an only child). Two live in the US so rarely see them, and two are from my mum’s younger brother who has severed all contact with his family so haven’t seen them for about 20 years. Wouldn’t mind having more tbh tbf :disappointed_relieved: