Things you have used bin bags for that aren't their intended use

Halloween costume (child)
Rain protection
Protective glove


Also, when I was growing up, we’d use supermarket plastic bags as bin bags. Don’t know if that still happens.

You old romantic

Emergency parachute.

Putting clothes in for moving house and also taking clothes to the laundrette.


Also fashion.

We still do this. We only have a tiny landfill bin to encourage to recycle everything else, and even then we only fill it once every couple of weeks or so.

At the moment it’s being lined by the kind of blue bag traditionally associated with buying cans from an off licence.

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Just picturing adult Maosm showing up to a Halloween party in just a bin bag now.“Yeah mate, I’ve come as a child…what? Nah, don’t be daft, they’re all wearing them.”


too expensive now. 10p a go.

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Although there is a danger with this that you end up putting the wrong one out for the binmen (as I have done before)

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I like the danger.

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So you’re saying that @Steved is some sort of royalty or something?

To keep warm before a marathon

Don’t binbags cost about that much anyway?