Things you have waited ages for and then done or seen or heard or read or eaten or whatever

The film Kenny. Took me over a decade. Saw it in the holiday season.

Was quite lovely.

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Slay the Spire Switch port

Burrata. Not good.

How many hours are you up to? Don’t forget that I can check.

The boy is now using his own user account to play BotW so you are safe from his judgemental gaze… for now.

No idea. Probably 200 or so?

Think that is still considerably less than my Dead Cells time… but then I hadn’t played that on other systems.

I played a board game the other day. Labyrinth.

Alien. Loved it.


Paddington 1 (good) and Paddington 2 (fine)

The film ‘Brazil’. Waited sixteen years. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

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A decent copy of KLF - Chill Out on vinyl for not a stupid amount. Got it this year, been waiting about 9 years for one

This is the second bad opinion I have seen on here about Padders 2 and I’m not happy!

star war 2 and 3

not great, lonzy

Maybe you should watch Kenny?