Things you haven't updated that you should probably update

I still get WeGotTickets gig alerts for Oxford. I haven’t lived in Oxford for about eight years.

my list of muted threads

An embarrassing number of financial services products

still haven’t remembered what the thing is that i need to update my address on but it’s going to bite me in the ass one of these days

Is it WeGotTickets?

Think my phone network still thinks I’m at my old address

didn’t realise they still existed tbh but it can’t hurt

I v recently unsubscribed from the Glasgow Young Professionals mailing list (about ten years too late really).



haven’t updated my website for well over a year

My driving licence is still registered to a house i moved out of in 2002.

I think there have been three major iOS updates since I last updated my phone too

Haven’t changed my name on my phone contact, and because of this I also haven’t changed it on my credit card as the payment method has to be in the same name. Four years for that.

Me too, I went to one gig there a year ago. Obviously wasn’t paying enough attention to opt out of newsletters.

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Me too, bizarrely I noticed that email in my junk account this morning and thought it was odd.

Need to update my car registration address, driving licence address, car I dance address, all my pensions :neutral_face:

It’s been cancelled now but up until about 2015 I had a credit card that was registered to an address I moved out of in 2008.