Things you just remembered just now


I own an Oasis tshirt, somewhere.



That I had a These Arms Are Snakes tshirt that just disappeared

Also that I have a John Stape off Corrie tshirt. May have posted it here before but i forgot


Need to get milk. Thanks for the nudge


put the kettle on but didn’t make a brew. brb


Hey Bam, my current workplace has a boiling water tap. It’s weird, and frankly dangerous.


The game Axelay for the SNES. That was a good game.


that does sound pretty dodgy tbh!

Also am I too southern to say brew? Feel like that’s cultural misappropriation really


Free cake today though so not complaining.
Coffee people say brew too so it’s all just confusing tbh


Last few places I’ve worked have them.

I don’t like them because the water is always close-to-boiling, not quite boiling. It’s tough.


That I need to do my tax return.


When the Stereophonics released that cover of Handbags and Gladrags to cash in on The Office


The dreariest piece of music every committed to tape.

Name something drearier. You can’t can you??


Mr Writer


VERY dreary. But Handbags and Gladrags is drearier.

Mr Writer’s got that squealing lead guitar line in the chorus at least.


Stereophonic were good for one album, then very very band subsequently.


I really like Mr Writer. Of course the lyrics are lame, but I enjoy the rest of it.

Should have posted this on that anonymous secrets website.


They did that one good song to trick you into thinking they were interesting and then just coasted on that forever.


Thought I was in the My Vitriol thread there.


I don’t even know who My Vitriol are. On a scale of interesting - The Stereophonics where do they sit?


Larrikin Love were a thing.