Things you kind of hate but not that much

Working with tracked changes in Word. Hate it because it’s quite annoying and a bit fiddly, but not that much because it’s better than having multiple people working on a document without it.


When some offices make you save stuff before you do anything.
Like I just opened Word for a minute chill the fuck out.
Hold on is this the same thing

I dislike track changes immensely.

Being where?

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No point, it taints everything with its ville cucumber slime even when it’s gone.

I hate cucumber.


Gentrification, but it’s nice to have good coffee.

AWS it’s useful for what we use it for, but there’s like a million options which we never touch.

Big fan of track changes. Use it to mark kids’ work when they’ve submitted it electronically and I won’t see them in person (like ones who are ill at home for ages)

working for money.


Read that as “wanking for money”, could see that getting irking

Big fan of Comments but Track Changes can do one.

bulgar wheat

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If you’d asked me 20 years ago, I’d have said Darren Anderton.

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when you are (i am) trying to do something niche using open office and you (I) look up how to do it online and there’s loads of explanations on how to accomplish said task using microsoft office but none that are any use to you (me)

if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber :blush:

Formatting changes tho. Hate having to accept formatting changes. Other than that I’m with you

If you were a baked good, you’d be a fuck off m8.


(they do them in Greggs)

Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking