Things you know about friends/acquaintances and wish you didn't


Honestly no idea, Carole Anne Duffy double page spread?


Got a friend who likes to be pissed on and another who voted Tory.


That my devout Christian housemate and her boyfriend moan like they’re having full ball slapping sex while they’re making out. It grosses me out more than if it was ball slapping sex


Look we all know that’s obviously the same person


I know that my friend’s fiancé cheated on her with a guy and gave her an STI. (She also knows so dw about that.)

I know it’s not really any of my business but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for it.


My mate sent me a semi-nude picture of a mutual acquaintance of ours that he’d pulled on a night out. Only at the bottom of the picture you could see his bellend.




One of my all time atds (married) was sleeping with my housemate, and I knew, because well, I fucking live there. Had a chat with him about it and he came clean to his wife the next day. They split up for about 6 months, during which I carried around a shit tonne of guilt, but then they got back together. They seem really happy now and work in a small cafe somewhere in the Scottish highlands.


Early Avril Lavigne lyrics needed revising


the aforementioned pokemon word doc. but i’m so SO glad i know about it tbf


Most of the interview rooms / office rooms where two of my direct reports have had sex (in their first throes of love, and prior to me taking over as their line manager)


Someone at work has starred in a couple of ahem specialist videos. Pretty fucking weird ones at that. It’s no secret and everyone gives him plenty of stick for it, but it’s difficult to get the image out of my head whenever I see him.

Another colleague was showing me something on his phone a while ago and a Facebook message from a woman (that wasn’t his wife) popped up saying she “Couldn’t wait to suck his big, hard cock”. Argh, dont need that mental image.


Not too keen on this thread


My best friend, whom I’m very close to and we candidly share intimate details about our lives, told me that she’s only in an open relationship with her boyfriend because now she ‘no longer has to worry about him wanting to cheat on her’.

I’m all for us sharing information about our lives but I really wish she didn’t tell me this. It just kills me having to hear her talk like this. I never truly realised how insecure she is about herself and the relationship up until that point.


A “moderate Democrat” friend of mine thinks the alt-right is a liberal boogeyman, insists there is no evidence of Trump being racist, and almost voted for him because “he’s good at deals.”

Suddenly “oh wait, he’s an idiot” explains nearly every strange thing from the past 2+ decades of friendship.


one day you will be able to use this as leverage in a kidnapping plot.


I will definitely use it in my “Don’t Do Ketamine” lecture.


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