Things you know about things

For example, I know nothing about Dombey & Son by Charles Dickens except that my hometown features in it, as someone gets hit by a train there.

What things do you know about things?

I know nothing of Hartlepool except they hung that monkey there.

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I know about “osmosis is the movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration through a partially permeable membrane”

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I don’t own any Nivea products but I know Nivea is latin for “like snow”.

Roy Castle once gave the kiss of life to a sheep.

Lancashire is on the left side of the country. ty escape to the country.

don’t know where kettering is or anything about it, but I do know that that Acaster bloke, and Sean Dyche are from there.

Had a web conference with Sean Dyche yesterday and for the entire time I had no idea he was form Kettering!

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Adam B is no longer known as Mr Piano

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It’s also an anagram of Evian, which is naive backwards

Westward Ho! is the only place with an exclamation mark in its name and is named after a book.

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I knew a famous football manager managed Hartlepool as their first management job but couldnt remember who

Brian Clough

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I know @anon5266188 had a web conference with Sean Dyche yesterday but I have no idea why


Found out grotesque comes from grotto which means ‘of a cave’. But didnt really go into enough detail to fully understand why.

Difficult to hoover grottos. Can’t get extension leads long enough.

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Still makes me cringe that there’s a statue of him in our city.

Similarly, I know that “peristalsis is the rhythmic-like contraction of the gut wall.”

It is Easter this weekend if you’re an Ortodox Christian

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I love the smell of a good hoogying in the morning

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M ovement
R espiration
S ensitivity

G rowth
R eproduction
E xcretion
N utrition (F eeding)

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